The programme was conducted in Kanpur Dehat  district of Uttar Pradesh state to ensure health awareness among the community at the lowest rung of the society on the economic ladder. To provide better health services , some of the key components of the Health training programme were to make the rural women have a perspective on life skill education and psychological interventions and ensure knowledge about RH issues , Health and hygiene habits etc.

The organisation organized Health & Family welfare programme for poor The health of a nation is a sum total of health of its citizens and communities. To achieve this goal total participation of its Citizens, Communities, NGOs and the government is essential. There is a considerable challenge for optimising the exiting rural health infrastructure through the country. Health care is a matter of People. Let us make it matter to people through NGOs.

Women and Child development :

The programme was held in Kanpur Dehat district of uttar Predesh state which was a training based project for sustainable livelihood of the adolescent girls and women (11-18 years of age). We provided vocational training courses, non-formal education course, life education courses, health and nutrition education, legal literacy etc. This scheme is a redesign of the already existing Adolescent Girls (AG) Scheme being implemented as a component under the centrally sponsored Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme. The new scheme dramatically extends the coverage of the earlier scheme with significant content enrichment, strengthens the training component, particularly in skill development, aspects aimed at empowerment and enhanced self-perception. It also fosters convergence with other sectoral programmes, addressing the interrelated needs of adolescent girls and women. Adolescence is a crucial phase in the life of woman. At this stage, she stands at the threshold of adulthood. This stage is intermediary between childhood and womanhood and it is the most eventful for mental, emotional and psychological well being. The life-cycle approach for holistic child development remains unaddressed if adolescent girls are excluded from the developmental programmes aimed at human resource development.

Educational Development:

The organization held training for Anganwari Sevika on Integrated child development services in Muzaffarpur district of Bihar state which included Health and Nutrition, Sanitation, Safe motherhood, Pre -school Education,  Child Growth Monitoring ,Register and Record, Information Education & Communication in Anganwari training.
Through Programme we have conducted literacy programme in Kishan Nagar among the people who are illiterate and unable to write their names. In this programme our 02 Instructors imparted basic literacy to women and child members so that they may take active part in NREGA/S Programme. After 12 months of implementation IDAF with its own resource still continuing the programme.
The organization conducted the programme to educate the women and through computer. The programme was being implemented in Kanpur Dehat.


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